About Us


The company with good heart™
St. Joseph is America’s original low dose aspirin. From a heritage of caring, we’ve been making quality aspirin products for over 125 years. Today, we’re here to help you maintain a healthy heart with trusted, innovative and convenient low dose aspirin products that make a difference*. Through our aspirin products, our aim is to make a difference in your heart health and in the lives of others.

It’s simply this: We want you to have a good heart and to live the life you want to live, all while enjoying the things that truly matter. So when it comes to meeting your heart health needs, you can trust St. Joseph and its tradition of caring and responsiveness.

St. Joseph Aspirin. We’re all about having a good heart. Yours and ours.

*Always check and ask your doctor if a low dose aspirin regimen is right for you.


Your mom gave you St. Joseph Children’s Aspirin when you were a child. You felt better and reassured that St. Joseph took care of you. And even though we don’t make children’s aspirin any more, our mission is still the same – to take care of you and those that you love with quality products.


St. Joseph was founded in 1887 by a Bavarian immigrant, Leopold Gerstle. He was the kind of person you might say was part of the backbone of America: Hard-working. Adventurous. Tireless. Motivated. Committed. Caring. Determined to make a difference. Qualities that still define who we are at St. Joseph today.

Leopold started his business in a small drug store in Bluff City, Tennessee, the Gerstle Medicine Co., which was the forerunner of what was to become the St. Joseph Medicine Co. The origins of our name? It’s believed that Leopold spent some time in St. Joseph, Missouri, prior to settling in Tennessee and combined with that, he was also likely inspired by St. Joseph, patron saint of families, children and the sick.