Safety Coated 81mg Low Dose Aspirin

An Adult Aspirin Regimen (Aspirin Therapy) using St. Joseph Low Dose 81mg aspirin is recommended by doctors, and has been recommended by leading organizations, to help lower the risk of a heart attack, and to help prevent heart disease and strokes for some individuals . Aspirin helps, in part, by preventing blood clots from forming, and can become an important part of your health maintenance. But Aspirin Therapy is not right for everyone, so always be sure to talk to your doctor before starting or changing an aspirin regimen.

St. Joseph is America’s original 81mg Low Dose aspirin. Our 81mg Low Dose aspirin is proudly manufactured in the USA, and is safety (Enteric) coated to provides additional stomach protection. The enteric coating delays the release of the aspirin so that it can pass through the stomach before dissolving. Our tablets now come in a smaller, easier to swallow, micro tablet size for your convenience. St. Joseph Aspirin – an American Original.

Our safety (Enteric) coated tablets are available in the following sizes:

safetyCoated-36ct-sm36 count
safetyCoated-120ct-sm120 count
safetyCoated-200ct-sm200 count
safetyCoated-365ct-sm365 count

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