Rapid Dissolving Melts
will change how you take
your low dose aspirin.

The new, innovative low dose aspirin that melts
in your mouth quickly so it's easy to take.

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Melts Fast With a Big Orange Taste.


Should you give flowers
or St. Joseph aspirin?

Giving flowers says, "I love you."
Giving St. Joseph low dose aspirin says,
"I love you" and "I really care."

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Show your good heart. Give St. Joseph low dose aspirin.


Low dose aspirin
Rapid Dissolving Melts.

New Rapid Dissolving Melts. They're easy to
take because they melt in your mouth fast and
they have a big orange taste.

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The only low dose aspirin melt.


St. Joseph.
The company with good heart.

As America's original low dose aspirin, we're
all about having a good heart. We show this
through our heritage of caring and through our
trusted, innovative low dose aspirin products.

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Help keep a good heart with St. Joseph low dose aspirin.